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Little Data Center

This site is hosted on my small data center. More specifically, a Raspberry Pi board is a web server (for now, but I want to develop more automation in the future) and a router that is used for routing and security. I use the provider for Dynamic DNS because I can access the server outside of the network not with an IP address but with a name.

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Mini Weather Station

The Mini Weather Station is built on the Arduino platform and is part of the automation process, being just a prototype. It can be installed in a location where it measures and displays temperature and humidity, also can transmits these parameters to the server to be displayed or processed. The code can be downloaded from GitHub.

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Stomadmin is a team project realized with Alexandru Munteanu and Darius Petrov. It is a workflow management application from a dental office. It can run on a server or computer in the user's location. The application (more specifically the source code of the application) can be downloaded from the following link: click here.


About Me

Hi! My name is Ioan and I am a student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the West University of Timișoara where I study Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Computing in the second year of master (MSc) and I work at Elektrobit Automotive România as a Software Engineer. I am also a ACM Student Member.

I like both, mathematics and computer science. I think there is a close link between the two disciplines.

I can not say that I prefer a particular subdomain of Computer Science, I try to keep my knowledge as up-to-date with regard to the whole discipline.

I'm sure the way I developed my thinking, the "think outside the box" principle and "there is a solution all the time" is due to mathematics. Well, I do not excel in this area but I try to understand and apply how it works.

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Web Technologies


Computer Networks


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Timișoara, Timiș, RO



  • ACM
    Association for Computing Machinery
  • IEEE
    Advancing Technology for Humanity.


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